Automotive Repair Sponsorship for Museums

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In today’s post we’ll talk about what we can do as museum owners to get free money! That’s right, free money is what I just said. How you ask? Well it’s called partnerships and sponsorship! With a sponsor, they give you money to fund your museum’s expenses in return for advertisement opportunities. Let’s get into it.


Automotive Repair Shops To Sponsor

An auto repair shop is literally one of the best sponsors you can ask to help with museum expenses. The biggest reason for this is due to the size of the brand, and their reach. So in other words, you need to find local shops and, most importantly, large nation-wide brands. Local shops are great because you’re helping the local economy, which is good for your museum as well. Larger national brands are great because of the amount of money they have in their budgets for investing in marketing. Auto repair is a lucrative industry and they always have to invest in their marketing.



Every business needs more customers. If you can find creative ways to get other businesses more customers or more traffic through their doors, you can always strike a strategic partnership. Meineke, pep boys, aamco, etc. – these are all great examples of your ideal sponsorship.

How you get these companies to sponsor your mechanic shop is by presenting the right information about your museum to the right person. The information you give to them must be strategic. You need to give them the exact reasons why your museum is the one for them to sponsor. The museum owner should be thinking of information that should have to do with the type of people that come into your museum. The time the customers usually come in, what time is it usually packed? If it’s packed all the time and your museum has a section in it that has anything to do with vehicles, you have a high chance of sponsorship.


How to Contact the Right Person in the Shop

To contact the right person, you need to get into a vibe that can spark some energy! You need to be able to impress these mechanics on the phone. Giving them a reason to stay on the phone with you is imperative for your success. Becoming a marketing genius is what is needed to make sense to these types of business owners. Think about it, they see transactions all day, if they can increase their volume, it would only be beneficial. The automotive technician that you first speak to must feel like you’re actually trying to help the well-being of the business.

If you don’t come across in this manner, you will fail at your attempt for sponsorship. A great auto repair shop will know how to weed out these types of people that are just trying to make money out of them. Don’t be the type of person that gets weeded out. Passing all of their filters is what will get you that sponsorship for your museum.

The master mechanic can also be the right person to contact. The repair shop’s marketing director might be a better person to get in contact with. Either way, one of them will be able to point you in the right direction for who you need to talk to about sponsoring your museum. Getting this done can be a hassle. Talking to them may be a little intimidating at first, but it most likely will come to an end where they end up signing. Think about it this way, any automotive shop owner will gladly like to market their business to people visiting museums. The reason is because it’s very cost effective and it also reaches a sophisticated audience, which is also most shop owners would want.


Does your Museum Feature Vehicles?

If it does, then you have an even higher chance of getting sponsorship. Most people who own repair garages will be stoked to feature their logo and information near these pieces in your museum. Leveraging this is a must if you’re in the need of gaining a budget for your business to thrive. Let’s face it, museums are for sure businesses. If you’re not getting a ton of customers coming in through the front door on a daily basis, then you’re not doing so well. Mentioning in the sponsorship meeting that you have old vintage cars or trucks that you can feature their information in is priceless.

This is entirely due to the shop owner knowing that the type of person visiting the museum is a car enthusiast. This is especially true if your entire museum is about vehicles. If that’s so, then getting sponsorship from a mechanic shop is a piece of cake. A manager will see this as an obvious flag to move forward with you. A repair garage would be eager to be able to market their company with you. Their manager or marketing director will see you as a great opportunity. They would also be very pleased with you if you’re not currently marketing any other local shops.


This article was meant to help you gain sponsorship from a Las Vegas repair shop. If you don’t need sponsorship then please feel free to share this article with colleagues! Museum owners would benefit greatly by having this information, and then they’d be able to apply it right away. Having this info can change their businesses due to the fact that they would then have a better chance of gaining more customers. Because of the problem most museums are having with capacity, they’d rather be able to gain more capacity. Also, knowing most garages actually need this type of exposure, if you’re a local museum, then leverage this; because if you don’t, others will.



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